No time to die

Avatar de vindp80
I hope, as time goes, you get close to show that was you but not me who gave heat to our love.
You cant hide anymore that those tears that I bred were already inside much before we first met.
As not long time ago I wrote from my heart, I saw you very sad on a bench when you was just a girl.
Was so glad when you told it was true, It was you who my eyes hardly watched driving crazy my head.
Tell your mama, your daddy your brother and dick husband I would still say yes if the chance I get.
So you like my concert? I dont care you have babes cos as Ozzy still says, I just want you and your ways.
Now you cry and demand why on hell all my mess, but the truth is your eyes can see two palms today.
The story you tell is a tale, such big fake. If you did turn head back and remember those days…
Probably you would cry so strong as today is the day you deserve my first song, want a date?

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